GoDaddy Review:  Web Hosting Service With Great Speed For A Great Price

A lot of web hosting companies have sprung out in the market in the recent years. Most of these companies offer almost the same services that predecessor companies have offered its customers. But some of these new companies really do not possess the quality web hosting services that pioneer web hosting services have established. In my GoDaddy review, this pioneer company in web hosting services remains to be one of the best at a very affordable price.

GoDaddy, an intermediate to advanced web hosting service, has been around the web hosting industry since March 1999. It has been known for its great speed offered in a cheap and efficient price.
These are among the best features that I’ve noted in my GoDaddy review:

GoDaddy has been known to serve its customers at a very fast speed with cheap prices in three different types of plans. Economy, which is under $5 per month, can give you 50 GB of space with 250 GB of bandwidth with one domain. Now that’s what you call cheap and service-packed. The Deluxe Type of GoDaddy is the best type among the three. You get 100 GB of space, 1000 GB of bandwidth, and unlimited domains for only $6.99 a month. The Premium Type costs a little bit more at $14.99 per month. But don’t worry about the price; you’ll get massive services in return including 200 GB of space, 2000 GB of bandwidth, and unlimited domains.
Another unique feature that my GoDaddy review has observed is GoDaddy’s own control panel, which is nothing like Cpanel or Plesk. It takes a bit of getting used to, though and once you get the hang of it, it can be tolerable. It is recommended, however, that you have your own FTP client. You don’t need to worry about the type of OS you have because GoDaddy also supports both Linux and Windows hosting.

My GoDaddy review considers GoDaddy to be one of the most reliable in web hosting when it comes to speed. Because they use the latest server technologies, their servers run at an amazing speed.

You can read my full GoDaddy review and check why GoDaddy is surely a top choice when it comes to web hosting.