Web Hosting Review Criteria – How Web Hosting Companies Are Rated

A lot of Web Hosts are found on the Internet. Looking for the right one for your website? Take a look at how we rate these sites.

The Internet would just be a piece of junk if there are no web hosting companies. These web hosting companies are very important for websites to be built. Obviously, if there are no web hosts, there will be no Internet as well.

Rating the Hosting industry is definitely a difficult job. In attempting to rate hosting companies through web hosting reviews, there’s a need to be as independent and as fair and objective as one could possibly be. Criteria like the ones presented below are very much required in rating these web hosting companies.

From the word itself, support should be something that is capable, appropriate, and accurate, meaning it should be available 24/7. A lot of these companies purport to offer great support that includes all day Toll Free phone coverage, Extended Toll Free Phone Support that has 24/y Live-Chat or E-mail, and a lot of other ways. In doing web hosting reviews, the important criterion to remember is that when you need it the most, the support you’re looking for is there. How is the support system of this company? Are all the services they offer accurate, fast and helpful?  Is the billing account handled fairly by this company?

During web hosting reviews, one vital consideration is that the finest hosts should always have excellent up-times. The bandwidth they offer is very much fair and sufficient. You surely wouldn’t expect it to slow down during peak hours. Their service remains to be high despite an increase in their clients. Good hosts also have a history of being reliable. How often are the downtimes with this host? Are problems including those in the past fixed quickly and is there an assurance for these problems not to occur again?

Of course, the best Web Hosts are those who always have an edge over their competitors. Web hosting reviews should take special note of how they remain to be stable while adding in new features and services. They are always updated with new technology, operating systems, software, etc. Name it, they have it. These features and services are convenient and are offered at reasonable costs.

A lot of Hosts are said to be Free Hosts, Budget Hosts, or has Low-cost Web Hosting plans but these do not necessarily mean they offer value. With skill and comparison shopping, you could measure value. Web hosting reviews should look at the products and services of different companies and try to weigh in their differences especially against the cost of these services.

Several Hosts have their own Data Centers. Some others have their servers connected with the Internet through mega NOCs like Exodus, and some others also buy Reseller services from larger Hosting Facilities. In doing web hosting reviews, here are some questions needed to be considered: Do these companies have their own data centers? Do they have able personnel to help them? What are the connection speeds of these Hosts? Is their network information posted online for monitoring? In case of power outages, are they secure? Do they have power generators or the like in case of any power outages?

Though you must always be objective in web hosting reviews, you could also be subjective. Consider comments and feedbacks from other customers or even Web developers. How do they rate these companies? Is the company respected? Is the company continuously growing?
Despite the variety of Host types, the criteria remain to be the same for all these types. Host types are being classified with their areas of expertise. Most of these Hosts focus on one type only. But a lot specialize in many types as well. Web hosting reviews can definitely guide you in your decision. Better check and research than become disappointed in the end.