1and1 Review - Don't Waste Your Time

Well with 1and1 hosting where do I start they obviously have a major problem that is killing their business or at least some issues in which they need to sort out as they are losing customers left and right.  I recently came across a blog at http://1and1.weebly.com/ which shows "Linda's" horrible experience with this company, as my 1and1 review also clearly shows.

However, in this complaint Linda shows that she actually thought 1and1 was a bargain because of the price, which I do agree with is very appealing.  However, as she was soon to find out there were countless sites around the Internet that were collecting all kinds of negative feedbacks from outraged customers.  One of the blogs I came across is http://www.brainfuel.tv/1and1-hosting-cancellation

The issue seems to be quite simple.  People are canceling their service only to be billed for it again?  I know it seems like a problem that would be easy to fix.  You would simply think there was a glitch in their system or something, but no people are faxing their cancellation letter and finding out that 1and1 has never even processed the request for the end of thier service.

But anyways back to Linda's complaint on her blog.  She basically states that when you sign up for 1and1 you will get English speaking agent that are willing to help you set up your account.  However, once you sign up for their service you receive outsourced help which doesn't speak very good English.  In fact, she states they are useless and honestly there is no point of even talking to them, as they are zero assistance to you.

Along with that there seems to be various issues with their control panel and there website working correctly.  In fact in Linda's blog she actually states "Weebly free is better than 1and1 paid."  Wow that is an HUGE insult something that is free is better than something is paid!  If I was 1and1 I would surely address that issue!

In conclusion, I still stand by my 1and1 review and would encourage people to stay away from their company.  1and1 hosting sucks!  There is always the possibility that you could be billed twice and MANY people have stated that they are having frequent errors on site, and just getting frustrated and canceling their service only to billed over and over again.  In some extreme cases people are having to cannel their bank account because that is the only way they can get 1and1 hosting to stop billing them.

1and1 is just a sad excuse for a web hosting service!