Hostgator Review: Great Service; Fast Server Speed

Building a web site would, of course, require you to have a web host provider. The web host provider that you choose will be your gateway to the establishment of an excellent website. For the past years, a lot of web hosting providers have sprouted in the web hosting industry. You normally have check out what each of these web host providers have to offer in order for you to have a good running web site. You try to search for the best web hosts and then weigh their differences before finally choosing the web host that seems appealing to you. An in-depth Hostgator review shows that if Hostgator is your choice, then you’ll have a blast in putting up you web site.

Brent Oxley established Hostgator, an independent web hosting company, in October 2002. Since that time, Hostgator has accomplished a lot of achievements pertaining to the web hosting industry. As my Hostgator review has noted they have been serving millions of customers; and as of September 2009, they have 2 million domains being hosted by their company. Customers have been reporting that they have never had any problem with Hostgator. It has definitely made a name in the web hosting industry.

What will you get if you sign up with Hostgator? My Hostgator review found out that you get to have incredible features with the three different web hosting packages being offered by Hostgator namely: Hatchling, Baby, and Swamp. With the Baby and Swamp offers, you get to host unlimited domains. You will also have the essential tools to keep your site running. Though they only have the Linux hosting for now, they will soon add up the Windows hosting to accommodate customers using Windows.

The famous (or infamous, depending on how you look at it) Cpanel is also a great feature of Hostgator. It’s the best control panel in the industry today. Within the Cpanel, you can use the Fantastico program which allows you to install any open source script without any sweat. My Hostgator review has further taken note that Hostgator is also supporting PHP 4 5, SSH Python, Cron Jobs, Ruby on Rails, etc. You also get to have unlimited POP3 accounts with the Baby and Swamp services. You will definitely get all these amazing features when you sign up with Hostgator.

Customers will also have very good uptimes with Hostgator. Certainly, Hostgator is the web host provider to choose for your web hosting and web site developing needs; and if you want to check more reasons for that recommendation, check out my full Hostgator review.